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Friday 7th April 2017 – Next Draw

Over £400 now in the box – and only 5 Keys – final total will not be known until Friday evening! 

Have you bought your ticket yet?

Tickets are available from behind the bar throughout the week, but please remember that you do need to be present on Friday night for the draw in order to take your pick of the keys if your number is drawn!

How Does It Work?

Each week, we sell tickets for the Open the Box Draw. From the proceeds of the tickets sold, a percentage is put “In the Box” and a percentage is set aside for the lucky person whose ticket is selected, giving them the option to Open the Box.

On a Friday evening, the ticket is drawn and the winner gets the “Key Raffle” winnings plus also gets to choose a key from the bag and uses it to access the box the get the main winnings.

Each week the box is not opened, the winnings accumulate and the key that was chosen by the draw winner is removed until it gets to 3 keys the result being that there is more chance of winning the big prize.

Once the box has been opened, the game starts again with the following week!

Results – Friday 31st March 2017

The final total in the Box on Friday evening when all tickets were sold amounted to £418.00

The Key Raffle draw total came to £40.00, but unfortunately for them, the key they selected did not Open the Box.

So next week – there will be even more money in the box for the Draw and only 5 keys! 

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